S129-Pattern & Color Options

Pattern Features

  • Technology: It is produced in our factories in computerized fabrics equipped with the latest technology.
  • Structure: Antistatic and Antibacterial.
  • Production: It is produced with an absolutely evergreen production technology.
  • For the base density, three layers of weft were used between the filling warp and each loop.
  • The weft quality is 100% imported Bangladesh jute.
  • Our rope is first class 100% pure acrylic. It does not contain nylon, polyp, etc.
  • The square meter weight of our carpets is produced in 8 quality between 3,800 kg - 5,500 kg.
  • The pile height of our carpets varies in quality from 13mm -15 mm.
  • Our carpet conforms to TSE requirements.
  • Our quality starts from 672.000 according to the number of stitches and continues to 1.500.000 stitches.

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