Floor Heating Films with Electricity

Ondolia Carbonic Heat Far Infrared Heater Films are made in South Korea. Ondolia has made an innovation in carbon heating technology (about 0.5 mm thick) by producing the world’s thinnest heating films. The carbon-metal mixture is a high-tech product. Since the heat source is the entire surface, the same temperature is achieved within one minute at each point. It has homogeneous heat distribution. Unlike other underfloor heating systems, Ondolia Carbonic Heat Far Infrared Heater Films do not leave some parts on the surface hot and some parts cool. It is more resistant to scratches, punctures and tears.

Since the reached temperature is not very high and stored under the floor, the product does not wear out and is not affected by the heat it produces. Therefore, Ondolia Carbonic Heat Far Infrared Heater Films have no life limit. Thanks to its very thin and simple assembly, the application is extremely easy and comfortable. It is not affected from flood.

Ondolia Carbonic Heat Far Infrared Heater Films heat up people first while conventional heating systems first heat air and then people. Therefore, it uses between 30 and 50% less energy than conventional heating systems. Product is Far Infrared and it is good for rheumatic diseases. It is anti-allergic with no dust accumulation. In the examinations, it was observed that “far infrared” heat reduces dust insects (mite) and bacteria. Far infrared heat has the same frequency as the heat emitted by man. In both, the heat source is carbon. Stone heats in 10 minutes, hardwood 5 minutes and carpet heats in 3 minutes.

In general, carbon films of 80 cm width and 240 watts are preferred. We also have films in different sizes.

Mosque Heat Control Unit

  • Brand: Siemens
  • It has PLC micro-processor.
  • Mosque heating can be adjusted according to call to prayer.
  • Quiet operation
  • Remote controlled system, ability to control manual-automatic operations with remote control,
  • These can be controlled separately.
  • Automatic heat stabilization system
  • The time setting according to the times can be set separately for each province with province plate code information.
  • Heating can be applied either completely or locally (in separate sections).
  • Capacity to grow up to 20 ranks,
  • Under floor mosque heating system control panel large LCD screen 5 inch
  • Smoke detector,
  • Ammeter display
  • Automatic adjustment of carpet temperature with carpet sensors
  • 30% energy saving compared to other systems,
  • Automatic forward or backward clock operation or cancellation
  • Warning buzzer and indicator
  • Weekly programming (example; disable in morning prayer or on certain days)
  • Scheduled prayer time calculation for 81 provinces up to 100 years
  • The device is under warranty.

Advantages of Carpet Heating System

  • Carbon heating mosque heating systems installation and operating costs are lower than alternatives,
  • Under floor mosque heating systems have no maintenance costs and are resistant to scratches, punctures, tears and flooding. Since it does not malfunction, it does not require any further intervention.
  • Under floor mosque heating systems save space and they have no panel radiators,
  • Homogeneous heat distribution. Gives the same heat everywhere as the whole surface is a heater,
  • Worldwide non-flammability guarantee and insurance,
  • 5 mm. Fineness,
  • Easy and fast assembly,
  • 10 years guarantee, unlimited life in mosque heating system with carbon heater
  • Electronic central control and air conditioning
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