Modern Journey from 1950 to the Present…

Established in 1950, Yüner Halı works to pioneer new discoveries that shape modern life and set standards for a better future.

Cahit ÜNER, the veteran of our company, started business in 1950 with wool carpet yarn-dyeing.

Since 1960 EMEK ZERAFET has been manufacturing hand made carpets. In 1987, 2 weaving looms were taken and production power was increased with carpet carpet machine manufacturing in carpet weaving sector. In 1992, we took STRAYGARN WOOL YARN COMBING MACHINES which is an important machine in weaving machinery group and expanded its production capacity in world norms.

Increasing the potential with each passing day with your strong equipment, our company has increased its production capacity in 2007 with the aim of maximum efficiency. It continuously improves its production area, product range and production capacity; thus, it can offer its customers the right product at the right time.

“the raw material to be processed, the material suitable for our production is carefully selected” philosophy; has been our most important philosophy that has not changed since our establishment; accordingly, our understanding of quality in wool home carpets, acrylic mosque carpets and wool mosque carpets has always increased.

Wool obtained from live animals comes raw to our facilities, after manual cleaning and machine cleaning, wool dyed with the highest quality materials in our dyeing facility; firstly weaving procedure applied, then weaving looms with high quality. After the latest cleaning and quality control stages, this adventure is ready to take its place in your homes and mosques as a warm motif extending to you.

At present, 5500 m2 area specialist, 4 pieces VAN DE WIELE computer jacquard weaving loom machine wool home carpet, wool mosque carpets, natural mosque carpets, acrylic mosque carpets and wool core mosque carpets in the manufacture of carpet carpets prices continue to serve you.

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